Welcome to the Coffee Shop!

Wow, so this is what it’s like to launch a new blog. A labour of love and sweat and tears, really. Maybe not if I were more techie, but when you can’t figure out that <s> and </s> tags are cool in Blogger but are obsolete in WordPress, it results in FRUSTRATION! Nonetheless, here I am. Little old me, with a brand new shiny blog, like a real blogger or something!

I’ve been thinking about switching to WordPress for quite some time now. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been blogging now for over four years (though thankfully, you’ll have an awfully tough time finding my first couple of attempts at a blog.) I didn’t really find my voice until I started a wedding blog on the spur of the moment when I got engaged. I didn’t give much thought to the name: I called it From Sparkly to Spouse, and I figured that would suit my needs just fine: it would be a wedding blog while I was planning my wedding, and then would continue on as a blog about married life once I had tied the knot. But life happened, I didn’t get married, and I loved my blog and my readers but all of a sudden found myself saddled with a blog name that was tied to my relationship status. My quick band-aid solution was to change the name to From Sparkly to Single, but the problem was still there.

So I wanted to switch to WordPress, but not until I had come up with a blog name that was more about me and less about my relationship status. The inspiration for the name “a little coffee with my cream and sugar” just came to me one day a couple of months ago while I was making my daily coffee and a coworker laughed at how much cream and sugar I put in it. It’s a joke that people have made about me ever since I started drinking coffee as a teenager! Barring a drastic dietary overhaul as a result of diabetes/lactose intolerance/a total caffeine ban, this new name fits the bill nicely.

I must give props where props are due. I owe him a full post, not just a passing comment, but this beautiful blog design was done by my friend.

So, welcome. Make yourself at home here. OBVIOUSLY, help yourself to the coffee, and settle in for a bit. There will be small tweaks in the upcoming days and weeks as I go through the archives, re-categorize posts, fix formatting and broken links, so don’t worry that things don’t look perfect yet. But I didn’t want to wait to share my new online space with you.  I hope you like it.