Top 5 Ways on How Teenagers can Save Money

Teenagers have limited money on hand. Unless they are working part time while in high school, their source of funding come from their parents only. With such a small budget, teenagers need to learn how to save what little money they have. Here are some useful tips and tricks!

  • Discount alerts

Clothing and shoe retail brands send out text alerts that remind their clients of sales and special offers. Teenagers who want to buy money from their allowance should watch out for these alerts to save up to 70% on their purchase of bags, clothes, and shoes.

  • Coupons

There is no shame to using coupons when buying basic goods at the mall or groceries. In fact, every practical consumer should use coupons to reduce their spending and save a huge chunk of their income. Coupons can be sent electronically to you or may be cut out from magazines and newspapers too!

  • Buy your stuff from thrift shops

If you are low on budget, but still want to buy fashionable apparel, why not try looking for great stuff from thrift shops. You only need tons of patience when going through all the items stocked at thrift shops and Salvation Army stores. In addition, thrift shops and salvation army shops offer unique items that teenagers will like to keep.

  • Borrow books

If you’re keen on reading a bestseller, or if you need to buy a book for school, go to the library instead of buying books at full price from bookstores.

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